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Exhaust heat wrap red
Exhaust heat wrap red

Exhaust heat wrap red

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These low fray cuffs are designed for extreme protection of spark plug cables and wires up to a continuous temperature of 650 ° C. Soft, very flexible and easy to assemble.
Double wall construction for extra durability. Prevents burning, hardening or breaking of cables. Universally suitable for most straight or curved cables.
Not flammable, offers protection against most chemicals and is water resistant.
Spark plug cable protection covers can be placed directly on warm engine parts without burning, melting or becoming brittle.

The covers are woven with two layers of high temperature glass fiber and titanium material. Keep your spark plug wires and wires cooler in a higher temperature environment.

Inside diameter 25 mm (1 ")
Length 152 mm (6 ")


Sold as a set of four.

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