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Heat protection sleeve with velcro 51mm
Heat protection sleeve with velcro 51mm

Heat protection sleeve with velcro 51mm

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Closed cover with an inner diameter of 51 mm with velcro.
Made from woven and braided insulated fiberglass that is heavily coated with 100% iron oxide silicone rubber. This self-extinguishing cover has a high melting point of 1650 ° C and is protected against a continuous temperature of 260 ° C. Suitable as protection for oil and fuel hoses and pipes as well as for electrical wiring under the hood of a vehicle. Oil and water resistant with a very smooth, and therefore easy to clean, exterior. Excellent flexibility, resistance to molten splash, water and oil resistance and also good flame resistance and abrasion resistance.

1. Insulation of wiring, hoses, oil, brake and transmission lines, etc.
2. Used for bundling and protecting hoses, electrical wiring, etc.
3. Fire protection during repair and maintenance under the hood.


Sold per 10cm, if you need 50cm, buy 5pcs of products.

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