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Silicone rubber wrap tape 25x0.3mm

Silicone rubber wrap tape 25x0.3mm

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This waterproof vulcanizing insulation tape with a thickness of 0.3 mm. is the original silicone rubber insulation and repair tape. Made from 100% high quality silicone elastomer. Composed of silicone that binds permanently when stretched and overlapped.
This heat resistant silicone rubber wrapping tape is often used as a seal on the end of our closed fireproof silicone coated protective cover and fireproof silicone coated protective cover with velcro. This tape contains no glue and therefore has no residue, so it never becomes sticky as with electrical or duct tape.
Creates a permanent water and airtight seal. Must be wrapped with 50% overlap. Can also be used as a temporary seal for a leaking radiator hose. Resistant to fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV rays. Very versatile with a very long shelf life.

For sealing and securing, for example, free ends of fire-resistant protective covers.
Wrap around hydraulic connections and other exposed metal connections to prevent corrosion.
Ideal to have with you for emergency repairs of hoses in vehicles or appliances.
Temporary sealing of leaking hoses, pipes, tubes and fittings.
Wraps (electrical) wiring and extension cords in small bundles.
Wrap it around tool handles for a good non-slip grip.
For watertight electrical connections.
Even works on wet, dirty or oily surfaces.

For fuel and watertight bulkheads, (fuel) lines, engine covers, floors, seat bases and much more.


Width 38mm, 300cm in the roll.


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