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Mitsu Evo 6-9 rear top arm
Mitsu Evo 6-9 rear top arm

Mitsu Evo 6-9 rear top arm

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Mitsu Evo 6-9 tubular chromoly rear top arm. Arm has PRO adjuster which allow you to adjust rear camber by just opening two lock nuts. Pair of arms come in to the price.


The knuckle side is mounted with chromoly fork which has 14mm straight shaft. With arms you get cone bushings which make these fit to knuckle. Cause this setup you can shim the fork assembly height in the knuckle.


By using all our Evo rear arms we had 270mm wheel movement, and even more would have been possible by grinding corners from chassis. For toe-arm we grinded one corner to get 270mm.

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