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Opel Ascona / Manta B PRO gravel only TCAs
Opel Ascona / Manta B PRO gravel only TCAsOpel Ascona / Manta B PRO gravel only TCAs

Opel Ascona / Manta B PRO gravel only TCAs

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NOTE! ONLY TCAS, NO UPPER ARMS IN THIS PRODUCT. Note! Photos from RACE version. PRO version is fully adjustable in place, double threaded adjusters in all arms for super easy adjustment.


This setup is designed for gravel rally cars which have long suspension travel. If you want the setup for low running tarmac car, let us know it when ordered so we make the setup with different balljoint angles.

Fully adjustable all cromo race front suspension for Opel Ascona / Manta B and Vauxhall Cavalier. All CroMo tube setup, CNC turned and lasercut parts. Powdercoated and when required the Production Certificate will be delivered. Made only on order. With this setup you can adjust all angles, including caster by moving whole top arm to frontwards or backwards. Fits to original bodybrackets. Included reducers for 12mm bolts and aluminum hats for original bracket width. Tension bar shape should allow most of the race wheels without limiting maximum steering angle more than original arms. Deliverytime 1-3 weeks.

  • TCA has M18x1.5 cromo rosejoint on bodyside and 40/20mm cromo spherical on tireside 
  • tireside joint has coned shaft for original knuckle mount, made from MOC410 which is even stronger than Cromo 4130
  • springplate can be chosen from various different options, in sample parts the bigger race spring 
  • on original antirollbar bracket location bracket for M10 rosejoint
  • reaction/tensionbar has M18x1.5 cromo joint for bodymount
  • top arm with M16x1.5 cromo joints on bodyside and 40/20mm cromo spherical on tireside
  • top arm tireside joint with coned shaft for original knuckle mounting
  • top arm has welded surface with 2x M10x1.25mm threads for your own shock brackets, this gives you chance to fit any shock absorbers, and even an coilover to shock mounting area


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