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Toyota Starlet PRO front suspension SMALL

Toyota Starlet PRO front suspension SMALL

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Toyota Starlet PRO front suspension arm kit. This kit comes with STD balljoint cone size. Also possible to get with AE86 balljoint. Complete kit with all nuts and bolt for assembly. Bolt on kit. All welded parts are made from Cromo 4130. Machined parts are Finnish cromo called MOC 410 (42cromo4) which is a lot stronger than Cromo 4130 (25cromo4). 


Kit includes:

  • Cromo front track controlarm with M16 rosejoint on body side and 40x20mm spherical on wheel side, all cromo 4130. PRO version = inplace adjustable and 35x2.0 cromo tubing.
  • Wheelside mounting with MOC 410 shaft with M16x1.5 and M12x1.5 nylock nuts
  • Cromo tension arm with "stiff-joint"  made from MOC 410 on TCA side, on body side M16x1.5 rosejoint
  • To all rosejoints you will get reducers down to 12mm bolt
  • To tension arm- TCA mounting hardware with the kit, 10.9 grade M12x1.5 thread screws with nylock nuts
  • TCA/Tension arm powdercoated

Production sertificate for MOT inspection comes with the kit on request

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