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22x1.5mm balljoint pin Volvo
22x1.5mm balljoint pin Volvo

22x1.5mm balljoint pin Volvo

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If your making suspension arms and are going to replace original balljoints with spherical bearing, you will need shaft shaft for to mount joint to knuckle post. Forexample you will take 20mm ID spherical and weld cup for the spherical, you then will install this shaft inside. The shaft has 20mm OD. This part is ment for Volvo 240 but you can use this in any car which has thread mounting to knucklepost/steering arm.

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This pin fits straight to spherical with 20mm inner diameter. The shape is exactly same with the spherical ball, so it allows maximum movement. In the price you get one pin + locknuts + bottom bush.

  • material MOC410 (34cromo4) which is stronger than Cromo 4130 (25cromo4). CNC machined. 
  • 20mm spherical ID, 21mm long
  • 108mm max length
  • 22x1.5mm RH thread for mounting on knuckle, 32mm long thread allows you to shim the height if needed
  • bottom lock nut M16x1.5mm
  • comes with bottom bush

Fits to:

  • Volvo 2xx
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