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Volvo 740 bolt on knife ARB kit

Volvo 740 bolt on knife ARB kit

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Pair of links wont get any stronger than this! Full aircraft quality chromoly linkages with chromoly joints.

- M20x1.5 chromoly rosejoints in both ends

- 35x2.0mm chromoly tube

- 20mm holes reduced to bolt size you wish

- Joints are assembled to the assembling width you need them to be

- production certificate on request


You need to tell these when ordering: 

- link lengths from middle of hole to middle of hole. We make them to the length having +-20mm adjustment. 

- bolthole diameters you need

- assembling width you need

- forexample: chassis side brackets are 50mm wide and for 12mm bolts, axle side brackets are 45mm wide and for 14mm bolts 

- if you need production certificate for inspection tell also chassisnumber and car model

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