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Blade antirollbar package
Blade antirollbar packageBlade antirollbar packageBlade antirollbar package

Blade antirollbar package

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Roughly the blades goes like this, RALLY blade is for rally and PRO blades are on track, length goes as which you can fit to the car. Expecially in the rallycars you should choose as long blade as you can cause of long travel of suspension. The tube you use with the blades will adjust the stiffness also. 25x2mm tube is aproximately correct up to 1000kg cars on gravel and snow at front and back. Weights above that you should choose 32x2mm tube on gravel and snow. To tarmac 32x2mm under 1000kg, and above 1000kg 35x3mm tube. Consult us if you cannot choose.


Price includes:


Complete antirollbar package to one end of the car. You can choose pair of any blades you want. 



2x blades

2x weldbung for blades

2x reamed mounting brackets which allow the tube turn freely

2x M10x1.5 cromo rosejoints, LH

2x M10x1.5 cromo rosejoints, RH

2x link between the M10x1.5 joints

2x M10x1.5 flat locknut RH

2x M10x1.5 flat locknut LH

4130 cromotube in your own length (max 140cm)


When ordering, inform us following things:

- blade length and stiffness (RALLY / PRO and 240/280/320mm)

- tube thickness, wall, and tube length (you can check tubes from our tubes section)

- blade linkage length measured from blade end to mounting bolt center in arms




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