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Straight shank bump-steer kit 14mm
Straight shank bump-steer kit 14mm

Straight shank bump-steer kit 14mm

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If somebody has drilled your tierod cone, you can still fix the bumpsteer with this straight shank 14mm shaft. Made from chromolysteel.


When you want to make optimal bumsteer to your car, this is the set you need. Optimal bumpsteer is rarely correct in street cars when its taken to racetrack. Adjustment is possible only if  you have this set. Take away the original steering arm joint, put this piece to knuckle post and choose right uniball joint (heims joint). Then adjust the bumpsteer by shimming the height of the uniball in the shaft.


Read more below.

  • 14mm shaft diameter
  • 96mm max length
  • 14x1.5mm locknut on top (20mm long thread)
  • aprox.26mm long 14mm section
  • bottom locknut 14x1.5
  • nuts included
  • for the price you get 1x shaft, for a pair, buy 2x




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